The Unraveling Bidengate Scandal: A Closer Look at the Alleged Crime

The Bidengate scandal has rocked the political landscape, with allegations of a decade-long influence-peddling scheme involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter. While the alleged crime is undoubtedly serious, the coverup surrounding it is equally remarkable. Denial, deflection, and destruction have been the hallmarks of the Biden camp’s strategy to avoid accountability. But despite their efforts, the evidence against the Bidens continues to mount, making this perhaps the most enduring and audacious coverup in modern history. The Bidengate Scheme: A Decade of Influence Peddling

Bidengate revolves around Joe Biden’s use of his son Hunter as a conduit for millions of dollars in payoffs from foreign entities. Ukraine, China, and other nations served as the backdrop for this influence-peddling scheme. One prominent example is Hunter Biden’s involvement with the corrupt Burisma energy company in Ukraine, where he reportedly received millions of dollars for his position on the board. Shockingly, Hunter himself admitted that his last name was his only qualification for the role.

While leveraging one’s name for personal gain may not be illegal, using a public office to influence U.S. policy is a clear violation of the law. In March 2016, then-Vice President Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor general investigating Burisma, Viktor Shokin, was fired. Biden even boasted about this act during a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations. The implications of such a move are concerning, as it suggests that Biden used his position to protect his corrupt foreign employer.

Following the Money: Uncovering Illicit Payments

As the saying goes, “Follow the money.” And in the case of Bidengate, this adage holds true. In July 2023, Senator Chuck Grassley released an unclassified FBI informant form alleging that Joe and Hunter Biden had received a $10 million payment from Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma. The informant claimed that the funds were so well disguised that it would take investigators years to uncover the illicit payments to Joe Biden. This revelation adds weight to Joe Biden’s taunting question, “Where’s the money?”

Even more damning is the connection between Hunter Biden’s business associates and Joe Biden. In an infamous email found on Hunter’s laptop, one associate referred to Joe as the “Big Guy” while discussing the percentage of capital equity held by Hunter for Joe in a Chinese investment scheme. The fact that the FBI informant also used the same nickname for Joe Biden in 2019 suggests that there is confidential and incriminating information about the president.

The Biden Coverup: A Five-Year Charade

What makes the Biden coverup so infuriating is its longevity and the mounting evidence that has been ignored. Recent congressional hearings have shed light on bank payments made to Biden family members, while IRS whistleblowers have exposed the protection racket orchestrated by the FBI and DOJ for the Bidens. Yet, despite these revelations, the mainstream media has largely turned a blind eye to the story, instead portraying Biden as the victim. They concealed evidence during the impeachment proceedings against President Trump and continued to do so when Hunter Biden’s plea deal fell apart.

It is baffling that even after five years, the media and Democrats fail to grasp the case against Hunter and Joe Biden. They argue that the president’s guilt has not been proven, seemingly unaware of the purpose of investigations and evidence gathering. The evidence against the Bidens is substantial and undeniable, but what the nation truly awaits is justice. To achieve that, a prosecutor must present the evidence to a jury and seek a verdict. Only then can the president’s guilt or innocence be determined.

The Need for Accountability: How Long Must We Wait?

The question that lingers is how much longer the American people must wait for justice. The Bidengate scandal is one of the most egregious allegations of corruption involving an American president, yet it has been met with indifference and even attempts to suppress the truth. If Congress had launched an inquiry when the allegations first arose in 2019, Hunter Biden might be facing imprisonment, and Joe Biden would be retiring in disgrace.

But instead, Democrats chose to impeach President Trump for daring to address the issue of Hunter Biden’s questionable activities. The impeachment trial served as a crash course on Ukrainian corruption, but the media buried the evidence and portrayed Biden as the victim. The time has come for a prosecutor to step forward, present the evidence, and let a jury decide the fate of the Bidens.

The Bidengate scandal is a stain on American politics, revealing a pattern of corruption and influence-peddling that cannot be ignored. The coverup surrounding this scandal has been remarkably resilient, but the evidence against the Bidens continues to mount. It is high time for justice to prevail, for the truth to be laid bare, and for accountability to be upheld. The American people deserve nothing less.

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