No Joe, the Economy is not “Strong as Hell”.

As President Joe Biden munched on his ice crème cone while in Oregon, he felt the need to respond to reporters about the economy, saying that “the economy is strong as hell”.

This imbecile has apparently been living under a rock these last two years. Inflation is at an all time 40 year high, gas prices keep inching up to $4.00 a gallon nationwide (sorry California, I’m not sure how you all are affording the $6.00 a gallon gas), our 401K’s and IRA’s have lost about a 1/3 of their worth, home sales are decreasing (2008 is calling), and interest rates are triple what they were about 16 months ago. But according to Biden and his leftist handlers, everything is a-ok.

At this point, one has to wonder if this is all by design and not by ineptness. This feels like a plan to fundamentally change our nation and our economy. Gone will be the days of having regular Americans afford many of the products we have grown accustomed to; cars, TV’s, homes, and yes, even ice crème,

Congrats Joe, you’re doing a bang up job.

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