Let the Twitter Employee implosion begin

As most of you have heard, Elon Musk is now the official owner of Twitter. This news comes after months of delay and fighting between Musk and the Twitter Board.

For the past six years, conservatives have been targeted and silenced by big tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Amazon, Paypal, and many more. Additionally, Big Media and our own US government have colluded together with these tech companies to attack and destroy anything that does not fit the woke leftist narrative.

These efforts have turned our nation into a socialist and communist state where citizens no longer feel safe or protected to speak freely and exercise their God even rights.

Starting today, this all begins to change.

My hope is that Elon Musk returns Twitter back to a free thinking and speech platform that tells the left and the US Government, where to stick it. He can do that by first ridding his company of radical ideologues that have a perverted and skewed view of what America is and isn’t. As of this writing, he has fired four top executives including the CEO. Additionally, I am hearing he has removed many engineers. I hope he keeps it up. Next, he needs to return Twitter account access back to users who were targeted and banned by the former leadership. I want to see them all back: Trump, James O’Keefe, and Project Veritas to just name a few. Finally, add a damn edit button. I think GETTR figured out how to had this feature and it has worked quite well.

This is certainly not the end. This is the beginning. We need to take back this country in every facet of our daily lives: Media, Education, Government, Big Pharma, Financial Institutions, Military, and Entertainment.

Keep Pushing Forward!!!

-Keith Michaels

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